What’s Playing (February 2023)

The 502s (SOLD OUT) | 2.4

The 502s is an American indie folk band from Maitland, Florida and they are noted for their eclectic instrumental arrangements involving banjo, piano, and horns. Their live show received praise for “rambunctious energy, stomping sounds… and charismatic personalities” with their happy folk energy!

You can see how they are just a whole lot of fun… try not to smile while listening to their music, seriously.

Unless brooding is your thing then scroll on! We got you.


Brooding starts here:

Jeffrey Martin | 2.9

“Dogs in the Daylight is as close to a masterpiece as a folk album by an emerging singer-songwriter can get.” — No Depression

Jeffrey Martin writes music that probes the depths of the human experience and doesn’t shy away from its darkest corners.

His songs can feel like short stories from literary giants like Steinbeck, Burroughs, or Cormac McCarthy and possess a raw intensity that comes from seeing his subjects up close.

All the struggle, hurt, strife, and heartbreak that comes from living in this world are laid bare and unvarnished, yet somehow, Martin manages to mine and make space for what beauty remains.

If only all heartaches can be beautifully captured as this…


Nick Leng | 2.11

When Nick Leng describes his music, he often refers to color.

Nick’s gift is an abstract type of synesthesia: a kaleidoscope of emotions manifested into enthralling sounds.

The most stunning songwriting is at once beguiling and relatable. And Leng’s untethered sound helps you find the passion for life again

This song has us hooked from the very first note!


Chuck Prophet and The Make Out Quartet | 2.14

Since his neo-psychedelic Green On Red days, Chuck Prophet has been turning out country, folk, blues, and Brill Building classicism!

Jordan Hamowy once reported in Glide Magazine about this one time during a performance, he caught an audience member recording the show and in a playful manner, Chuck Prophet called him out in a seemingly scolding voice to the liking of

“we are about to play a new song, and I noticed you have been taking a lot of video at this show, so I would appreciate it if you would

record this whole song and share it – it is really hard to get new music out there these days.””

If you ever get any good clips of the amazing indie bands at our venue, be sure to tag us!


almost monday | 2.17

Funky basslines, ecstatic choruses, and danceable grooves that ignite buzzing anthems…

Their sun-kissed signature style with a bold bass bounce and empowering refrain that will make your evening with danceable rhythms and uplifting hooks.

Possibly the only band that could help ensure that the San Francisco storm doesn’t make a comeback even if the rain is “much needed


Early James | 2.18

The sound of an artist sublimely out of step with the world.

With all the charmed eccentricity of a true poet, the singer/songwriter takes in the endless absurdity Early James sees around him, then alchemizes his unease into a glorious patchwork of musical idioms:

forsaken blues and contemplative folk songs, brooding murder ballads and lovestruck piano tunes.

what a strange time to be alive, indeed…


SonReal | 2.21

Showcasing his music that beautifully captures the range of emotion while being a piece of art by mixing hip hop, soul, and ballads… SonReal’s album cover being an alien encounter in the form of a ’92 Volkswagen Jetta from space goes to show how much introspective (and creative!) he is.

And you’ll be heartened to know that it was a tribute to his very first car from his mom and it was the very first place he would play any music with his friends in it!

A throwback to simpler days!


Slow Crush | 2.22

A compelling abrasive shoegaze band, dealing with the aesthetics of contrasting sounds. Heavy like a gloomy dream yet soothingly vibrant with the vulnerable soft floating voice of Manchester’s Isa Holliday underneath layers of grungy shoegaze soaked noisepop, seeking shelter from a f’ed up world.


Rozzi | 2.24

Part of growing into adulthood is learning to trust your own voice.

That is exactly what neo-soul luminary Rozzi set out to do on her “dangerously personal” sophomore release, Berry featuring Rozzi’s smoky, full-bodied vocals, with songs that move seamlessly from upbeat pop, funk and R&B to low-key acoustic ballad…

As a part of The NoisePop Festival returning Feb 20 – 26, we are celebrating its 30th Anniversary with a killer lineup that includes Rozzi with goosebump vocals, killer melodies, heartful lyrics, and more!


Indigo Sparke | 2.25

Indigo Sparke ruminates on her magnetic second full-length album Hysteria, a huge and beautiful sweeping work, one that possesses a rare, reflective power.

With harmonies reminiscent of the voices in our heads, she examines love, loss, grief, a newly realized rage, her history, dreams, and the emotional weather patterns surrounding those sensations: her words tell the stories, and the sounds act them out.


Skizzy Mars | 2.27

Dropping songs that you’ll always come back to, Skizzy Mars is a rapper who has developed a loyal cult following with his catchy vibes, happy and carefree approach, and high-profile collaboration with G-Eazy and Yoshi Flower.

(Honestly… me and WHO dancing to this at the BART… with our shoes on of course)


Carlie Hanson | 2.28

With each emotional, introspective pop song she shares with the world, Carlie Hanson reveals a little more of the out-of-placeness that has dominated her headspace over the last few years, showcasing how there are, however, glimmers of hope… a fantastic way to rebound from whatever we experience in January 2023.