Cambodia Day

Inaugural Cambodia Day
Music + Cultural Festival
Saturday, September 28 | Union Square

Presented by Cambodia Day and Cafe du Nord in collaboration with Union Square Alliance, the Inaugural Cambodia Day is a vibrant celebration in San Francisco's historic Union Square, uniting the Khmer community to showcase Cambodia's rich culture, arts and music to a diverse local and international audience. Join us for a colorful celebration of heritage on September 28, 2024! Admission is free!

Special performances by: 

  • Khemarak Sereymun
  • Dengue Fever
  • Meas Soksophear
  • Ban Monyleak
  • Satiya 
  • Chan Makara 
  • Bert Samrach
  • San Pisith
  • Khmer Karen 
  • Black Spider Band 


  • Khmer Traditional Arts 
  • Sovann Maccha
  • Heavenly Garden
  • Spiril X
  • Rabam Danvay
  • Pailin Peacock Dance
  • Bokator Warrior
Doors: 9:15 AM 

Show: 10AM - 8:30PM

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