High Sunn

High Sunn is a San Francisco “brightcore” project founded by Justin Cheromiah.

With the finish of the first nationwide and Japan tour, High Sunn is ready to announce the long awaited studio release “welcome to life” which will be released February 23 via P-Vine. 


The songs of “welcome to life” feature a solid 10 song standout tracklist where Cheromiah has gone in a more defined direction that is heavily focused on lush and distorted rhythms that pulls on the heartstrings of adolescent memories. 


Even though influences came from a lot of shoegaze tracks, it does not follow traditional structure. With bright glittering guitars, the tracks are sonically reminiscent of what it feels to breathe crips air in the spring wind. Cheromiah’s charming and unique softness brings the image all together through “poppy” leads and licks that pay homage to his mentors in the industry.


The label of this new sound is quoted from Cheromiah himself as “brightcore”.


for more information: 


(US & international): skymemorimgmt@gmail.com (JP): mizushima@p-vine.jp 

socials: https://linktr.ee/highsunnforever


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