Kira Hooks

Kira Hooks is a Bay Area based vocalist and songwriter, born in Houston, TX, and raised across The Netherlands, Nigeria, Scotland, and China. With a childhood shaped by constant movement and the complexities of being mixed-race (Filipina/white), her music explores themes of love, identity, and belonging. After refining her craft at the LA College of Music, she embarked on a journey to Nashville (2015), then New York City (2019), eventually finding creative sanctuary in the diverse landscape of the San Francisco Bay Area (2021). From captivating audiences at venues like Rockwood Music Hall to earning acclaim from San Jose Jazz, Kira’s path embodies resilience and creativity. Over the past decade, she’s released two full-length albums, four EPs, and numerous singles, each reflecting a myriad of influences. Alongside her solo ventures, she contributes to the local music scene as a backing vocalist, music educator, and maintains a presence as a solo artist. 

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