Mad Tsai

Introducing Mad Tsai, the dynamic force driving Gen Z's music scene. As an independent singer-songwriter and recent UCLA graduate, Mad's journey from Orange County outsider to global sensation is nothing short of extraordinary. His debut EP, "Homecoming!" amassed over 200 million streams, propelling him from obscurity to the spotlight. Mad embraces his identity as an Asian American artist, inspiring a new generation. Fresh off selling out shows in LA and New York he is ready to take his show to more of his fans. Mad seamlessly brings his music to life, luring audiences into a safe and immersive world of his creation. Beyond his musical prowess, Mad's authenticity shines through his partnerships with brands like Sweetgreen and appearances in campaigns for Michael Kors, Sennheiser, Meta, and Amazon. Keep an eye on this Gold House Music Accelerator Artist as he continues to carve his own path and redefine the sound of a generation with his upcoming EP, “teenage nightmare!”
Wed 6.26
Live Nation Presents:
Show: 8:00 pm
Cafe Du Nord
All Ages