Noah Floersch

Tour Bio Meet Noah Floersch, a 25 - year - old artist and songwriter hailing from Nashville but rooted in the heartland of Nebraska. Infusing his music with the rich tapestry of folk, the raw energy of rock, and the vibrant colors of pop, Floersch has crafted a distinctive sound uniquely his own. Since bursting i n to the scene in 2018, Floersch has been a prolific creator, unleashing over 70 original compositions into the world. Among his repertoire, standout tracks such as "Ghost of Chicago," "Cl ean," "On Your Mind," and "Love You By Myself" have captivated audiences far and wide. Now, Noah Floersch embarks on a new chapter in his musical journey with "The First Rodeo" tour, marking his headline tour debut. Join him as he takes center stage, weav ing stories and melodies that resonate with the soul , ignite the imagination and create an unforgettable live experience

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