Since 2012, Ramona has created their own voice, becoming the leading band in the indie music movement in Tijuana. Only a few bands bring up the emblematic and unique elements of Mexican culture with different genres such as 60’s and 70’s rock and latin american ballad, creating their own style which they call romantic psychedelic rock.


The album Redes Sociales, was produced by Latin Grammy winners and Grammy nominees Demian and Alejandro Jimenez. Known for their work with Carla Morrison, Ricky Martin and Marian Ruzzi, among others. As a result, Ramona has built a bigger and more solid audience in Mexico and the United States, and in recent years, Peru, Argentina and Chile.


In Mexico, Ramona has shared stage with big musicians, such as Natalia Lafourcade, Hello Seahorse, Enjambre, Kinky, Unknown Mortal Orchestra and Blonde Redhead, among others. Internationally, the band has performed in Argentina and in Toronto’s music week in Canada.


As a result of the high demand from the hispanic audience, Ramona is preparing to begin their US circulation, while promoting their new releases. Each single’s a part of a love story visually inspired by the Chicano culture in the border.


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