At the young age of 14, Shane embarked on a remarkable journey that would shape his future as an artist known as sombr. Armed with determination and fueled by a summer of scooping ice cream, he transformed his bedroom into a makeshift recording studio. The now 18-year-old’s passion for music flourished during his time at New York's prestigious LaGuardia High, a renowned public performing arts school that inspired the iconic film Fame. Immersed in the study of classical music by day and devoted to his bedroom studio at night, he diligently honed his skills.

sombr's creative vision extends far beyond recording romantic indie-rock melodies. He possesses an entrepreneurial spirit that led him to establish his own label and actively seek out like-minded musicians to sign. When the world was plunged into the depths of the COVID-19 pandemic, music became an oasis for this young artist, providing solace and escape from physical and social isolation. It was during this period that sombr took the bold step of launching his own major label imprint.

The impact of sombr's talent and artistry was undeniable, as evidenced by the overwhelming response to his single "Caroline," which garnered over a million listens within its first week. For more information, visit 101%

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Fri 7.26
Live Nation Presents:
Hana Eid
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Cafe Du Nord
All Ages