The Army, The Navy

A consonance between childhood friends who shared a singing coach, The Army, The Navy are rooted in harmony. Sparse and effective production lends a hand to a style of tightly-stitched songwriting that founders Sasha Goldberg & Maia Ciambriello honed during their years studying music in New Orleans after kindling a connection in their Bay Area hometown. Weaving meticulously stacked pop-inspired melodies with profound tropes and confessions from the pits of young adulthood, the duo create an eminent lane for themselves in the name of shared experience translated with seamless vocal chemistry. 


The Army, The Navy fortifies a style of music with a foundation in not just musical harmony but the indelible chemistry that emerges from the lushest of friendships. Despite a childhood in close proximity, the group was unearthed in college practice rooms, living room jams and homespun gigs in the eccentric underbelly of Louisiana’s alternative music scene. By way of New Orleans the promising act found new soil in Los Angeles to polish their much anticipated debut EP ‘Fruit For Flies’, an earnest and passionate introduction to their world of transparency and intuition. 

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Thu 9.5
Live Nation Presents:
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Show: 8:00 pm
Cafe Du Nord
All Ages