zachy, an up-and-coming artist from Richmond, Virginia, is carving out his place in the indie-folk scene with his genuine and unfiltered music. As a multi-talented creator handling production, performance, mixing, and mastering, zachy’s unique sound has an innate ability to resonate with a diverse audience. His songwriting delves into the complexities of r elationships, faith, and a myriad of emotions, positioning him as one of the most raw lyricists in the indie-folk landscape.

The release of his first track, “untitled,” garnered remarkable support, propelling the Virginia-based artist into the spotlight. With over 10 millions streams across streaming services, zachy has a foundation of fans who eagerly await upcoming releases. zachy has been touted as one of the leading voices in the new era of indie folk artists, as time goes on, he continues to prove the notion correct.

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