Live Nation Presents:
mehro with King Isis (SOLD OUT)
Wed, Mar 20
Doors: 7:00 pm | Show: 8:00 pm
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Pronounced “marrow,” the name mehro encapsulates their goal of seeping into the literal DNA of listeners. “The concept was born from bone marrow: It’s essential for us to live, but we never see it,” recalls mehro. “I hope my music can be the marrow of someone’s soul.” By sharing so much of themself—and, in turn, making others feel seen—on their latest releases, mehro comes a step closer to their quixotic goal. “I’m chasing a dragon that can never be caught.”

Whether they’re scouring the darkest reaches of the psyche or basking in the bright rays of enlightenment, mehro’s rich, multi-layered music revels in the duality of the human experience. Their fascination with the dichotomy between pleasure and pain is particularly evident on their newest single, “dopamine” - the track has an airy, dreamlike sound that lures the listener in before giving way to the bleak emotions bubbling just below the surface.

This concept is explored further on mehro’s March 2023 album, Dark Corners and Alchemy, a staggeringly vulnerable 12-song journey into the heart of a singular artist that treats despair and self-destruction with as much reverence as hope and healing. Originating as a pair of projects, mehro combined Dark Corners and Alchemy to provide the framework for an album. “Sonically, we had two very separate worlds and I wanted to bring them together,” explains mehro. The young singer-songwriter wanted to show all the facets of their artistry, from half-whispered lullabies to raucous rock anthems, while exploring a common theme: pain.

Each half of the record expresses the subject matter differently against the backdrop of love, lust, and matters of the shattered heart. “Dark Corners wallows in the pain and really feels those feelings,” mehro says, referencing cuts like “howling” and “pirate song,” “while Alchemy is about taking pain and turning it into something positive in your life.” Viral hit “whore” is a perfect example of their ability to find beauty in the darkness.

Enveloped in music from childhood, mehro initially resisted a career as a musician. That changed when the then-teenager watched the Johnny Cash biopic Walk The Line. Inspired, they picked up a guitar that night and began learning “Folsom Prison Blues,” eventually beginning to write their own music. They were hooked and started expressing their innermost thoughts in songs. By 2018, mehro knew that music would be their life: “It's the most fulfilling thing that I could possibly do.”

The L.A. native released their debut single “Perfume” in 2020 and immediately caused ripples. The stripped-back love song has since garnered more than 65 million streams on Spotify alone and heralded mehro as one of the year’s breakout artists, which included a performance on NPR Music’s prestigious Tiny Desk Concert series. Their music has also garnered praise from the likes of NPR’s All Songs Considered, FLOOD Magazine, The Line Of Best Fit, FLAUNT Magazine, Under The Radar and more; Wonderland Magazine proclaimed, “This singer-songwriter has an unreal voice that will leave you captivated from the first note” while Ones To Watch furthered, “mehro very much embodies the spirit of a well-worn journeyman, a wounded poet, a proxy for life’s living proverbs, much as Johnny [Cash] and Jeff [Buckley] did before them.”

To date, mehro has amassed over 2 million monthly listeners on Spotify and over 400 million streams across all DSP’s. They have also established a loyal fanbase on social media platforms such as TikTok where they have garnered 33 million views, nearly 5 million likes and over 800 thousand followers. In addition, mehro’s latest single “dopamine” was the fastest song to reach 1 million streams on Spotify while their previously released song “exploding” has been trending atop Shazam’s charts in Mexico for over 3 months.

Stay tuned for more music from mehro to come soon

King Isis