Shelby Helburn

With a flair for the timeless, Shelby Helburn takes the melodies of 90s Britpop and combines them with the tradition of Americana to create a distinctive sound all his own. This rich sound--shaped by experiences of growing up in Martinez, California--aims to explore both the struggles and strangeness of modern life. 


After his highly-regarded debut album, Maybe Someday, Shelby began his intrepid journey around the SF Bay Area. From the local favorite Little Hill Lounge to the acclaimed Noise Pop Summer of Music series, Shelby has played all over The Bay. Whether he's strumming a stripped down acoustic set or rocking crowds with his full-band, his songs and playing style connect with audiences. 


"This music--what I'm singing about up there--it's a vehicle for living," Shelby said when asked about his work. "We've got people all over the place telling us 'This is how it has to be' and, well, I want to question all that. I want to extract meaning from a melody and share that with the crowd."  


With the summer of 2024 approaching, Shelby Helburn, in partnership with Up The Creek Records, is set to release his much anticipated sophomore album. This new album was recorded, mixed, and produced by Ben Hirschfield, mastered by Dave Cooley, and features accompaniments by Jeff Phunmongkol on pedal steel, Zack Barbieri on piano, and the enigmatic Michael Filice on bass. While the new album uses the past as scaffolding–with influences ranging from Bernard Purdie to George Harrison–the sound Shelby has cultivated is nothing short of innovative.

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