What’s Playing (March 2023)

The Deslondes | 3.2

We shed old skin in order to evolve and move forward. We let go of who we were in the past and embrace who we’re meant to be now.

Infusing everything from saxophone, flute, and synth to string arrangements and a full drum kit for the first time, the group naturally progress and evolve in real-time on their third full-length offering, Ways & Means that you have to experience it in person!


Moonshine DJ Set feat. Pierre Kwenders and San Farafina | 3.3

Depending on whom you ask, the esoteric effects of lunar cycles can be wide-ranging: good fortune, human fertility, ocean tides, werewolf prevalence and loss of sanity among them.

For the like-minded musicians, DJs, dancers and visual artists who make up the Moonshine collective, the planetary satellite above all inspires their eponymous monthly event, driven by an inclusive ethos and a shared love for experimentations in dance culture.

Since its founding in 2014, Moonshine has carved out an enviable niche in Montréal’s nightlife milieu by celebrating a wide range of fledgling local talents, championing Afro-futuristic, bass-heavy, electro-funk sounds, and bringing together communities that wouldn’t necessarily cross paths otherwise.


Krooked Kings | 3.4

Krooked Kings is an indie beach-rock band from the land-locked state of Utah with their sound liken to a love child of Mac DeMarco and Julian Casablancas of the Stroke. Their toe-tapping endeavour is not to be missed as you can catch their range of influencers that include The Grateful Dead, Led Zeppelin and Bon Iver.

Weaving warm harmonies, reverb-soaked guitar riffs, and finely tuned vibes, they offer an easy to listen to vibe that encapsulates around everything from heartbreak to finding yourself


S.G. Goodman | 3.5

“No one escapes the marks left behind when it comes to love or the absence of it,” says singer-songwriter S.G. Goodman, describing the inspiration behind her sophomore album Teeth Marks.

“Not only are we the ones who bear its indentations, but we’re also the ones responsible for placing them on ourselves and others.”

When the Kentucky native released her debut album, Old Time Feeling, she was rightly coined an “untamed rock n roll truth-teller” by Rolling Stone.

The roots-inflected rock n’ roll record saw Goodman lending her gritty, haunting vocals to narrate the dual perspectives of her upbringing as the daughter of a crop farmer, and a queer woman coming out in a rural town.

PS. we always have a soft spot for performances at the NPR Tiny Desk Concert


The Lagoons | 3.6

The Lagoons are the musical project of Los Angeles-raised multi-instrumentalist brothers Ryan and Joey Selan. Their unique sound was first heard on their debut single “California” and was followed up by Gems EP & Escape EP. Their versatile ability to switch between instruments as well as perform a completely fresh and different set each night makes their live show a must-see.


Caye | 3.7

Building on his classical training by experimenting with jazz, hip hop, calypso, and reggae, Caye defies genre to create a signature sound that is all his own. Inspired by the creative freedom of Bon Iver, the soul-moving rhythms of Bob Marley, and the lyrical genius of Kanye West, Caye creates music that’s as captivating as it is technically complex.

The last 2+ years have culminated in a full-length LP that thrives on headphones and speakers but is best experienced when improvised live with wavy didgeridoo lines, sultry piano melodies, high flying guitar solos, and energetic basslines that combine to create music that’s emotionally engaging and spectacularly cinematic.


Meltt | 3.8

Four multi instrumentalists crafting dreamy, melodic indie-electronic-psych rock journeys. Dive in!

The band has been praised for their combination of heavy riffs, colorful instrumentation, detail oriented production, and multi-layered song-writing. With an equal love for the blissfully tripped out and the powerfully crunchy corners of music, a Meltt song or show is designed to transport the listener to spaces they have onl previously dreamt of.

In 2019 Meltt released their debut full-length album Swim Slowly, a diverse twelve track reflection on love, mortality, time, personal growth and the hazy line between the spiritual and material worlds. Now, in 2022, the band is looking forward to embarking on new journeys and sharing what they’ve been cooking up over the past
few years.


Leyla Blue | 3.11

NYC native Leyla Blue started her musical journey at only 12 years old, after being inspired by Christina Aguilera and the icons of the early 2000’s.

A teenage obsession with Amy Winehouse finally pushed her to pursue a lifelong music career, crafting her staple sound which combines raw lyricism with nostalgic R&B pop.

Leyla who has struggled with depression and an eating disorder, uses music as a tool, to rewrite her own narrative. Now 23 years young, Leyla embarks on a new era with a full musical and visual arsenal at her back, ready to command the pop limelight on her own terms.


Trousdale | 3.14

Country-pop soaked harmonies that will leave you humming into Spring…

Filling the space between folk and pop worlds with their expansive three-part harmonies lifted with exuberance and and mesmerizing grace, their songs cover a wide emotional spectrum from the joy from simply hanging out to heartbreak that leaves you understanding the human condition a little bit more.


Frost Children | 3.21

Frost Children is the project of NYC-based siblings Lulu and Angel Prost. They’ve released multiple full-length projects since 2020 that combine and transcend genre. Flood Magazine calls them “obnoxious, self-obsessed, painfully stylish, convinced of a sense of greatness they’ve yet to earn.”


Emma Ruth Rundle | 3.28 & 3.29

Emma Ruth Rundle has always been a multifaceted musician, equally capable of dreamy abstraction (as heard on her debut album Electric Guitar: One), maximalist textural explorations (see her work in Marriages, Red Sparowes, or Nocturnes), and the classic acoustic guitar singer-songwriter tradition (exemplified by Some Heavy Ocean).

In combination with her voice, the piano driven songs she plays end up creating a kind of intimacy, as if we’re sitting beside Rundle on the bench, or perhaps even playing the songs ourselves while teetering on the very edge of sanity dipping my toe into the outer reaches of space.



Runnner | 3.28

ubbing cardboard together, stretching acoustic sounds out to near liquid, or stacking delay pedals at random to scramble the smoothness of a song can make something known into something unknown — something ordinary into something cosmic.

Runnner’s songs where the edges have been left deliberately rough because perfection invites predictability, and imperfection imbalances, and those imbalances ask the listener to listen again, and again. And in that listening, the sound can become earnest, can ask a question, can hold a conversation.

This musical approach is reflected in Runnner’s lyrics as well, where the familiar is made unfamiliar, and then familiar again.

With humor and heart, Weinman sifts through isolation and anxiety in the everyday: ruining the rice, buying shampoo, the way boredom and loneliness are tangled up together.

And from these fragments, he makes something new, but also something already known and felt at once.


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BOYO | 3.29

Tilden’s biggest strength as an instrumentalist is his self-awareness and ability to play to his strengths. “I know my limitations as a musician and I try to get around them. I almost play a character when I hop on the drums; on guitar, I close my eyes and pretend I’m Kevin Shields for three minutes and do the lead, then I pretend I’m Albert Hammond Jr. for three minutes and do the rhythm. I’m trying to be a soup of all my influences.”


Husbands | 3.30

Husbands plays landlocked beach pop that sidequests Krautrock, garage rock, and tropicalia.

OKC-based songwriters Danny Davis and Wil Norton got their start directing a Godzilla musical at their college and then began sharing snippets of lofi grunge pop ideas that came together in their first album, “Golden Year.”

This album caught local label Clerestory AV’s attention, who assisted Husbands release its first vinyl LP, “After the Gold Rush Party,” on an imprint label, Cowboy 2.0 Records. “After the Gold Rush Party” was featured on NPR’s Heavy Rotation and Spotify’s New Music Friday, Fresh Finds, and Feel-Good Indie Rock playlists.

Pre- COVID, Husbands was slated to play bills at SXSW, Treefort Music Fest, Norman Music Festival, and a New York City release show at Baby’s All Right. Not to be deterred, Danny and Wil got back to songwriting and put together their third LP, “Full-on Monet,” released in January ’22. Their single, “Must be a Cop,” released June 6, 2021, has been featured on Spotify’s All New Indie, Today’s Indie Rock, and Grade A playlists (among other editorial playlists), and has received coverage from prominent bloggers including David Dean Burkhart, BIRP!, and Indie Shuffle.


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Lostboycrow | 3.31

Oftentimes the greatest art is born of the right partnership. Lostboycrow, aka Los Angeles singer-songwriter Chris Blair, found just that while collaborating with producer Chris Chuon his upcoming album Indie Pop.

Together, they honed a distinctly power-pop sound, which led Blair to ultimately call the project Indie Pop: a nebulous, purposefully tongue-in-cheek name that reflects Blair’s lighthearted nature and self-awareness.